How we support clinicians

Many Certified Prosthetists & Orthotists (CPOs) have great social and technical skills, but lack the business skills needed to run a viable clinic. Also, they struggle to meet the compliance requirements. As a result, quality orthopedic services are highly centralized in the main urban cities.

This is why we support the CPOs with all areas of operational and commercial activities, including but not limited to, providing tools, manuals, checklists, start-up capital and tailored advise.

Our criteria

carewithinreach only works with certified and experienced CPOs who comply with the following criteria:

  • Have obtained an internationally accredited diploma in Prosthetics and Orthotics.
  • Have received a Development and Adaptation of Orthotics and Prosthetics, equivalent to Category I or Category II (ISPO).
  • Have a minimum of 4 years of working experience in working in orthopedic establishments that produce orthopedic technology.
  • Have the ability to work independently and run their own business
  • Have great technical as well as people skills.

Good education

Colombia is one of only three countries in Latin-America who provide training to become a CPO. Therefore, there are adequate numbers of people trained in manufacturing comfortable orthoses and prostheses, who have an ISPO (International Society for Prosthetists and Orthotist) Diploma.

Our strategy, how we add value

Area Selection

Orthopedic clinicians to find the right location and for their clinic, through market research and data gathering.

Business Plan

Together with the CPO-entrepreneur, we create an in depth business plan.

Facility Infrastructure

We prioritize patient’s welfare, and therefore designing a safe, customer friendly ergonomic facility layout is of outmost importance. We guide the CPO throughout this process, creating a compliant infrastructure, including safety measures.


Running a certified clinic involves a lot of legal and administrative requirements. We help the CPO-entrepreneur from start to finish with all the paperwork and protocols to ensure the certification of the clinic.

Operation Setup

Once the clinic is certified, we help the the CPO to purchase the right bookkeeping/medical software programs, machines, tools, equipment, furniture, ensuring that every client feels at home in a Profort setting. We also support the CPO to find the right suppliers, and to purchase consumables, components, soft goods that will all be kept safely in a designated stock area.

Team Recruitment and Training

We support the CPO throughout the whole recruitment process, from initial selection, on-boarding and training of the team members to operating the bookkeeping & medical software systems, and on the implementation of protocols.

Branding & Sales

The CPO is provided with support across all advertising means, such as a promotion video, brochures, and even organising an unmissable Grand Opening for the orthopedic care center. We accompany the CPO on visits to potential partners, in order to help drive sales.

Continuous Support

We are committed to providing ongoing support and guidance in all aspects of the orthopedic care centers. Our experienced team is always on hand.